We created the learning center because we know how important it is to receive the correct product; and we know this can be difficult when ordering from your home or office. Now all of the tools that you may require will be right at your fingertips.

We understand this process and are here to help your unique needs, including many questions that are commonly overlooked. Fit, form and function are vital roles for the longevity of your casters and wheels, and it is our hope that every customer will receive a quality product that will last!
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Urethane Retread Services

We offer cost savings by preserving your original investment in a quality core. The greater your investment in the original core the greater your cost savings will be by retreading vs. replacement.

We can restore your polyurethane wheels and rollers to like new condition by removing the damaged polyurethane, cleaning the hub then applying new polyurethane in a variety of durometers and colors to meet your specifications. We are able to bond polyurethane to nylon, cast iron (semi-steel), aluminum or steel making retreading a versatile option for multiple applications.

Quick Change Plates

We offer plates that are welded directly on to the bottom of your equipment and allow you to easily slide your plate caster into the mounting pad and secure the pad and caster with a single axle and nut.

Many caster and wheel applications are demanding and abusive and require casters to be replaced frequently. Caster pads eliminate the need to un-bolt the caster and plate from the cart every time you have to change your casters. Our pads are un-plated to allow quick welding without harmful fumes. Simply weld on the caster pads and you will never have to bolt another caster to your cart or equipment again! The amount of money they save on labor and hardware costs can save you thousands of dollars every year!

Cost Analysis Worksheet
Quick Change for Top Plate #A76, 4x4½, Un-plated, Square Bolt Hole
Cart Repair Service

We are a leader in shopping cart, cooling rack, stock room conveyors, bakery racks, and pallet jack repair! Our high-quality products are at wholesale prices and we've been in business for over 39 years. We do full restorations; powder coating, wielding, wheel and other part replacements and offer a variety of industrial and commercial casters, wheels and material handling equipment.

We perform repair, cleaning and other services for equipment such as Shopping Carts; Cooling Racks; Stock Room Conveyors; Pallet Jacks; Bakery Racks and Flat, Rocket, Ladder and Clothing Carts.

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